This is a 12 week holistic program, designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & CEO's to lose 5-15kg, improving their mindset along the way & increasing their energy levels in and out of the boardroom!

I focus on the individual & work with them towards implementing 2-3 things in a sustainable way to generate lifelong results & behaviours. 

The program will help you LOOK, FEEL, PERFORM & THINK at your best in all areas of your life.


Below are some of the aspects we work on & achieve within the program.

Lose 5-15kg

We'll work on helping you lose however much body fat in order to reach your peak fighting weight, and STAY there! 

This will give you energy you didn't know you had, make you look, feel & perform at your best.

Sustainable Behaviour Change

The difference between a PT & a Coach is the holistic approach coaches take in the aim of actually diving deeper towards the root cause of the problems you face with your health, nutrition, weight, energy, confidence etc.

Increased Energy

Increase your energy 10 fold not just within your work-place, but at home & in your social life too, by optimizing your nutrition, lifestyle habits & behaviours.

Create a thriving culture in your business. Become the positive boss, friend, *acquaintance*, father etc...

Individual Implementation

Everything we do, is about implementation. The information you consume online or on social media, is great and some of it's valuable and true. But if you can't implement it, which 90% of people can't, then it's useless information that will send you into a spiral of stress.

Reformed Mindset

This is where we get into some deep, meaningful coaching. Helping you create the optimal thinking processes for success and connecting your life, values & desires to your goals. This is ultimately the most powerful tool we have in making sure the results we get with our Coach, are here to stay [and progress] for life.


As a person of important stature in business, your work requires high performance at all times. Learn how to perform in the gym, at home, in every other area of your life, so this can have the carry over effect your business requires to thrive.

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