5 Secrets To Lose 6-12kg...

For Entrepreneurs & CEO's even if business is crazy and time is restricted.

And the best part is, you don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love or socialising with friends and family. Instead, you can build these areas up alongside your own mental & physical health. You’ll be spending quality time with family, as a newly fit and healthy business owner, thriving in the boardroom.

The End of Losing Energy & Focus

Tired of relying on caffeine to keep you focused and motivated?

Had enough of the tiresome stressors running through your head in bed?

Ready to make changes today to end the gradual growth on your waist line and the rapid plateau of your health?

Many of my clients, on their first calls, explain that they’re relatively oblivious to the gradual weight gain over the months or years. They say things like ‘when and how did this happen’, or ‘I didn’t even realise, but I’m 12 kg heavier than I was 2 years ago’, or ‘I’ve never been this weight in my life’. I get it though, business is good. The family is happy and the kids are growing up. There’s a lot of distractions in the world, especially in your busy schedule. There’s not a lot of time to cook nice healthy meals, go to the gym, go on runs or walks, focus on yourself. It’s not your fault, but it is a top priority now. Your business, your family, YOU, deserve the best version of yourself turning up every day. Your health isn’t going to give you a second chance. But there is hope. For example; Asa describes how he can now run around with his daughter after losing 14kg. His energy is through the roof… he trains daily after work, and enjoys his afternoon rounds of Golf in the Dubai winters.

Watch & listen to what Asa has to say about the program...

Teenaged Energy Levels in Your 30s & 40s!

Just like Asa, you too could lose 6-12kg, regain those everlasting energy levels and turn up to the boardroom as the most focused, highest performer in the room.

Imagine the confidence, the energy, the positivity you could bring to your life, your family and your business. Imagine feeling like you’ve got your mojo back.

Liam tells his story: “Living in Dubai you’re in minimal clothing a lot, on a boat, at a pool party, at a beach…

“There’s a lot of people here who’re very image and body obsessed.”

Fast forward 12 weeks…

“I’m happier than I’ve been for a long time…

...not just physically but also mentally, in terms of energy & self confidence”.

“When I feel good it impacts every other aspect of my life in a positive way”.

See Liam's 12 week Journey below:

5 Secrets To Lose 6-12kg in 12 weeks and KEEP IT OFF

To achieve transformations like Asa and Liam it doesn’t require putting the other aspects on your life on hold or going T total on your diet, restricting you in social and family aspects.

With these 5 secrets I’m about to tell you, you can lose 6-12kg even if your schedule is fully packed and you can’t find the time or headspace to get to the gym everyday or prepare nutritious food. These are the secrets I’ve built into my Minimum Effective Dose - AWARENESS & ALTERATION strategy that is leading to high achieving entrepreneurs & CEO’s getting results they never thought possible before.

SECRET 1: “I don’t have time to go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week”

With my minimum effective dose strategy, training and getting in the gym isn’t and shouldn’t be introduced until you have a good plan for the other aspects of your life. It’s not the answer and it’s certainly not going to help you lose weight. We’ll take an audit of your life to see where and how you can fit exercise in, to suit your busy schedule. “Make this fitness stuff fit into your life, not the other way round”.

SECRET 2: “I can’t maintain a diet for longer than 2 weeks”

My clients know this is something that rages me, coaches providing their clients with a set plan with set foods to eat. This is never going to serve you long term, it’ll never ever be the sustainable solution to your problems. This is why we work on making simple swaps or changes in the first few weeks. We take your diet and manipulate it to suit your lifestyle – eating for PURPOSE is my motto regarding nutrition. This way you can eat the foods you love, and still lose weight.

SECRET 3: “I’m so busy I can’t fit these big changes into my life right now”

It’s difficult to maintain motivation when trying to work out the right and wrong things to do, this industry is full of B.S. In order to combat that, I work with implementation. Implementing things that work for the individual who’s in front of me.

Information vs implementation is a phrase that I bear in mind when working with people who’ve found this stuff difficult in the past. Implementation + Minimum Effective Dose = results that feel easily attainable, easily sustainable and in most cases: enjoyable! This is the recipe for feeling the best you’ve ever felt, in the body you’ve always wanted. The results are big, but the changes are minor.

SECRET 4: “I don’t want to give up socialising or spending quality time out with the family”

I repeat the above quote: “Make this fitness, nutrition, mindset stuff fit into YOUR LIFE. NOT the other way round”. There’s nothing you have to sacrifice – of course there’s certain things you may have to adapt or change, but ultimately nothing that you enjoy has to be eliminated. Socialising and spending quality time with family is an integral part of mental health, happiness and probably at the heart of a lot of people's’ lives. Therefore, there’s no way you’re going to stop that – I’m certainly not going to let you! Instead, I’ll work with you to figure out a strategy, that allows you to go out and socialize, eat food & drink out with the family and enjoy it, but still stay on track regarding your weight loss & health goals. Win-win situation really isn’t it!

Secret 5: “I’ve never been in shape”

I’ve named my program ‘The Mind & Body Formula for High Achievers’. The reason behind this is because the mindset is the missing piece of the puzzle to a lot of peoples’ struggles when trying to lose weight, but even more so, keeping the weight off. “I’ve never been in shape” is an issue within the mindset, the mentality of the individual and I hear it far too often. It’s a self-belief, self-confidence issue that needs a shift. If you label yourself as someone who is out of shape, lazy, overweight, unhealthy…you’ll probably live into that person and you’ll take on habits of that type of person with those characteristics. If we can take on a growth mindset, we can overcome these mindset barriers and begin to develop.

Can You Achieve 6-12kg of weight loss AND keep it off?

After reading my 5 secrets to achieving 6-12kg of weight loss in 12 weeks and hearing the story of some of my clients success, you might be left pondering the question;

“Can I do it myself?”

I hope that having shown you it’s possible to lose weight, even if you don’t have a lot of free time, and without sacrificing socialising, foods you love and time spent focusing on business, you’re starting to see a path forward for yourself.

With the correct support and guidance, like Asa & Liam inside my Mind & Body Formula for High Achievers you too can lose 6-12kg in 12 weeks, regain those teenage energy levels & build confidence & self-belief back within yourself.

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