5 Secrets To drop & keep off 10kg...

Updated: Jan 15

For CEO's & entrepreneurs even if business is crazy and time is restricted.

And the best part is, you don't need to drop everything, including; time spent with family, focus in the business, the 5 pints after 18 holes. You'll be able to fit your health regime, into everything you NEED to do, and everything you WANT to do. Thriving as the new CEO, The Boss, The Leader of your own mind and body...And inspiring your family & employees to do the same.

Put an end to flagging energy levels & poor focus.

Tired of relying on caffeine to keep you focused and motivated throughout the day?

Getting home from work and crashing on the sofa because the energy has been sucked out of you? No time for exercise, family time or doing anything you needed or wanted to get done...

It's frustrating being low on energy. It's actually frustrating [for me] because it doesn't have to be like that for you guys!

If you're ready to make 2-3 small changes each week, you can reduce that waistline, increase your energy & confidence & revitalise your health.

Yes...just 2-3 tiny changes can make that impact. Throwing out bad habits, and bringing it good habits = SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.

Look, there’s a lot of distractions in the world, especially in your busy schedule. There’s not a lot of time to explore cooking healthy meals, go to the gym or get in runs...ultimately you don't think you have time to focus on yourself.

It’s not your fault, but this health & fitness stuff doesn't have to take over your life if you know what you're doing.

If you have a solid plan, and are ready to execute it with a sustainable approach and accountability.

Watch & listen to what Aaron has to say about how well he did in the program...

Just like Aaron you could drop up to 10kg, regain those everlasting energy levels and turn up to the office as the most focused, highest performer in the room.

Imagine the confidence, the energy, the positivity you could bring to your life, your family and your business. Imagine feeling like you’ve got your mojo back.

Below, Sean describes how his life, health & business has completely transformed through the Mind & Body Formula.

At the age of 56, he's the sharpest in his business and he feels "25 years younger".

5 Secrets To Lose 6-12kg in 12 weeks and KEEP IT OFF

To achieve transformations like Aaron and Sean it doesn’t require putting the other aspects on your life on hold or going T total on your diet, restricting you in social and family aspects.

With these 5 secrets I’m about to tell you, you can lose 10kg even if your schedule is fully packed and you can’t find the time or headspace to get to the gym everyday or prepare nutritious food. These are the secrets I’ve built into my Minimum Effective Dose strategy that is leading to high achieving CEO’s & Entrepreneurs getting results they never thought possible before through easy, simple methods.

SECRET 1: “I don’t have time to go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week”

With my minimum effective dose strategy, training and getting in the gym isn’t and shouldn’t be introduced until you have a good plan for the other aspects of your life. It’s not the answer and it’s certainly not going to help you lose weight. We’ll take an audit of your life to see where and how you can fit exercise in, to suit your busy schedule. “Make this fitness stuff fit into your life, not the other way round”.

SECRET 2: “I can’t maintain a diet for longer than 2 weeks”

PTs & Coaches providing their clients with a set plan with set foods to eat is never going to serve anyone long term, it’ll never be the sustainable solution to your problems. It's like putting a blanket over the mess, and hoping for the best. This is why I work with you in depth to find out the root cause of your nutritional struggles & we work on making simple swaps or changes in the first few weeks. We take your diet and manipulate it to suit your lifestyle – eating for PURPOSE is my motto regarding nutrition. This way you can eat the foods you love, and still lose weight.

SECRET 3: “I’m so busy I can’t fit these big changes into my life right now”

It’s difficult to maintain motivation when trying to work out the right and wrong things to do, this industry is full of B.S. In order to combat that, I work with implementation. Implementing things that work for the individual who’s in front of me...I do this by 'understanding' my client very early on, which Sean described in his testimonial.

Information vs implementation is a phrase that I bear in mind when working with people who’ve found this stuff difficult in the past. Implementation + Minimum Effective Dose = results that feel easily attainable, easily sustainable and in most cases: enjoyable! This is the recipe for feeling the best you’ve ever felt, in the body you’ve always wanted. The results are big, but the changes are minor.

SECRET 4: “I don’t want to give up socialising or spending quality time out with the family”

Ultimately nothing that you enjoy has to be eliminated. Socialising and spending quality time with family is an integral part of mental health, happiness and probably at the heart of a lot of people's’ lives. Therefore, there’s no way you’re going to stop that – I’m certainly not going to let you! Instead, I’ll work with you to figure out a strategy, that allows you to socialise, enjoy your pints after golf, eat food & drink out with the family and enjoy it, but still stay on track regarding your weight loss & health goals. Win-win right?

Secret 5: “I’ve never been in shape”

I’ve named my program ‘The Mind & Body Formula for High Achievers’. The reason behind this is because the mindset is the missing piece of the puzzle to a lot of peoples’ struggles when trying to lose weight, but even more so, keeping the weight off. “I’ve never been in shape” is an issue within the mindset, the mentality of the individual and I hear it far too often. It’s a self-belief, self-confidence issue that needs a shift. If you label yourself as someone who is out of shape, lazy, overweight, unhealthy…you’ll probably live into that person and you’ll take on habits of that type of person with those characteristics. If we can take on a growth mindset, we can overcome these mindset barriers and begin to develop.

Can You Achieve 10kg of weight loss AND keep it off?

After reading my 5 secrets to achieving 10kg of weight loss in 12 weeks and hearing the story of some of my clients success, you might be left pondering the question;

“Can I do it myself?”

I hope that having shown you it’s possible to lose weight, even if you don’t have a lot of free time, and without sacrificing socialising, foods you love and time spent focusing on business, you’re starting to see a path forward for yourself.

With the correct support and guidance, like Aaron & Sean inside my Mind & Body Formula for High Achievers you too can drop 10kg in 12 weeks AND keep it off, through Mindset & Behaviour Change coaching.

Look AND feel like the assertive, confident successful businessman you are.

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